her favorite song was stay by little big town
maybe she forgot but i never would i never will
because the heart knows what it knows
and love never fails
and i ran away and i didn't stay
i couldn’t stay this plot did not include me
i needed an escape to remove myself to r —

playing it on replay and replay and replay
shawty had that melody in her head
never allowing it to leave
never allowing me to leave

one day i grow up
i no longer wish to stay
just a little bit longer
i do not care if you are currently not stronger
kimberly schlapman and karen fairchild cannot help you win this battle

i will leave
i will run
just a little bit longer…

but i was not grown up
i was full of pride

one day i will wish
that i had pressed stay

Adviser at USDA Coalition of Minority Employees featured in The Washington Post, Politico & The Atlantic and on CNN, NBC, HLN, and ABC.

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