The Tour de France starring Amy Adams is more of an experimental winner than a repetitive bust.

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Broken people tend to fix themselves in broken ways. So be it with our debutante Dr. Anna Fox played by Amy Adams in The Woman in the Window. Dr. Fox awakes from a hazy star-filled dream in our opening sequence, followed by our peek around her house, an appropriate virtual…

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Our World in Poetry

Our World in Poetry


her favorite song was stay by little big town
maybe she forgot but i never would i never will
because the heart knows what it knows
and love never fails
and i ran away and i didn't stay
i couldn’t stay this plot did not include me
i needed an escape to remove myself to r…

The Resurrected King Is Resurrecting Me

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Nestled along the eastern corridor of Pennsylvania are some of the finest colleges and universities in all of America: Lafayette, Villanova, Penn, and Lehigh. The latter is where I attend my first leadership conference as a junior in high school the very same day as the winter dance. A lifetime…

Our World in Poetry


They keep taking me to these dang English lessons
These speech therapy lessons
These uncomfortable lessons

This instructor

she doesn’t look like me
she doesn’t think like me
she doesn’t talk like me
I don’t talk

But I think
And I write
And I can talk
I just choose not…

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The 2020 Civil Rights Movement Brings Repeats of 1968 Vietnam Demonstrations: American Citizens Starting Protests and Police Starting Riots

© 2016 Kordel Davis | Clown Hunting, Penn State University

Sherrilyn Ifill, author of a book on the legacy of lynching, reminds us that the lynchings of African Americans in the United States were often carried out in the public square, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people watching. Surely not all of these observers were celebrating. Some were likely…

I Know the Boulevard is Dry

Now those memories come back to haunt me — they haunt me like a curse

Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true — or is it something worse?

© Piksit

November was always a special time of the year in the Davis family household. Mother’s birthday had just passed…

Reckoning With Joe Biden’s Failures to Address Discrimination Within the United States Department of Agriculture

© 2019 Flickr | Wikipedia Creative Commons

Election Day 2012. November 6. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. held a chance to make history times two. Their competitor on the grandest stage of America would be the creator of Obamacare himself: Governor Willard Romney. The American people stood a chance to show the world…

Kordel Davis

Adviser at USDA Coalition of Minority Employees featured in The Washington Post, Politico & The Atlantic and on CNN, NBC, HLN, and ABC.

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