The Resurrected King Is Resurrecting Me

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Our World in Poetry


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The 2020 Civil Rights Movement Brings Repeats of 1968 Vietnam Demonstrations: American Citizens Starting Protests and Police Starting Riots

© 2016 Kordel Davis | Clown Hunting, Penn State University

I Know the Boulevard is Dry

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Reckoning With Joe Biden’s Failures to Address Discrimination Within the United States Department of Agriculture

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COVID–19 and the futures market have come together to create Hunger Games atrocities in international agriculture

Source: United Soybean Board
  • Soybeans Make the World Go Round
  • Coronavirus’ Effects on Futures Markets
  • Hunger Games and Coronavirus Help Some Stocks
  • The Future of the Hunger Games

Soybeans Make the World Go Round

Source: Freepik

Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a Slave. New York, NY: Penguin, 2013. Print.

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Kordel Davis

Advocate for USDA Discrimination Prevention featured in The Washington Post, Politico & The Atlantic and on CNN, NBC, HLN, and ABC.

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