Our World in Poetry

© Martin Strachoň / Wikimedia Commons

Adoption season is right around the corner
We could adopt some children
Bill Clinton just signed the Adoption and Safe Families Act
All we have to do is sign on the dotted line
And the children will love us
And we will care for them
And look after them
And raise them well

We will become parents

And our children will go on to become such great things
like mothers
and singers
and mechanics
and public speakers
and military — men
and rapists

don’t you care about our things?
don’t you touch our things
don’t you break our things
don’t you care about our white people things
big things
little things
funny things
useless things
nonreusable things
decorative things
these things, oh these things

adoption is just a thing

Our World in Poetry

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we check into the hotel
five star
we plan a trip to medieval times in new jersey
great food
my father says he has a surprise for us
glass ceilings and glass floors and fast cars and Burberry purses
my father says he has a surprise for us
a catered hotel room and glass floors and medieval times
we check into the hotel
I ask where the surprise is
my father is angry
I ask where the surprise is

Our World in Poetry

© 2010 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 NL

As a child I hated mushrooms
Always moaned and groaned on stir fry night
Stirring the vegetables around in that bowl and not eating any

Now I love mushrooms
And I hate my childhood self
Now I love myself

I roam through this grocery store in search of mushrooms
Unable to find them at first, hidden away next to the processed fruit smoothies
Now I hate processed smoothies
And I love mushrooms
And I love myself

Kordel Davis

Kordel Davis

Adviser at USDA Coalition of Minority Employees featured in The Washington Post, Politico & The Atlantic and on CNN, NBC, HLN, and ABC.